Kor Whitening

Kor Whitening

Have you ever wanted to get your teeth the whitest possible with the least amount of sensitivity or resorting to veneers and crowns?  We offer an array of whitening options, but Kor whitening is in a class of its own.


Kor Whitening can transform even the darkest teeth to a beautiful and radiant white

Kor is different because it is a two step system.  The first step is that we make you special whitening trays from the Kor lab that seal the whitening gel on to the tooth not allowing any saliva or bacteria to mix with the gel.  The benefit with this is decreased sensitivity AND zero risk of swallowing the whitening gel.  After wearing the trays for a couple of weeks. We then preform an in-office treatment to get the teeth to the whitest shade possible.

I am telling you with my honest opinion, these results are the most dramatic I have ever seen, and I HAVE used every product available.  This product is best suited for those wanting the most dramatic results.  This product is exclusive and only select doctors are trained to preform this procedure.


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